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Come & See us - ArtWorks AT THE COURTYARD

12th-23rd September ArtWorks AT THE COURTYARD

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planned at the Trestle Theatre, St Albans throughout March & June

Special Event - 'Material Matters II' Exhibition


Eight of our artists decided to show work at the Apsley Paper Trail again this Autumn, having enjoyed the experience and the place so much in 2013. Their title refers to the historic surroundings of the Paper Mill. and the gallery was hung with their recent work. However, conscious of its educational programme, 5 of the artists set up playful and informal collaborative sessions on several days, enjoying the innovative experience of working together. Two collaborations reached an interesting conclusion – the first based on ants and their group activities and the second, titled ‘The Promised Land’, initially based on the idea of stacked bungalows, and expanding into a broader range of images of goods and indulgencies often aspired to in our society.

Asiya Clarke, Angela Edmonds, Elaine Etkind, Frances Ewing Press, Sue Eyles, Barbara Jepps, Terry Sadler, Paula Stanley