Barbara Jepps


My art career began in mid sixties London. Working in the art services industry and experiencing, first hand, major works of contemporary art my imagination and creative spirit was fired. 

I embarked on a degree course in the early eighties, and my final show consisted of large and small fluid abstract paintings. My work has steadily progressed to mostly geometric abstractions. Plain, uncluttered works attract me and I use only essential elements as a source of inspiration. I find the working process, materials used and element of chance an exciting part of the finished work. Experimenting with colour interactions I am finding very engaging at present. My 3D work is mostly thematic and I have experimented with many different materials.

Exhibitions: In and around and Hertfordshire for 25 years.
Collections: Work is held in public and private collections.
Education: BA hons degree Fine Art; Post graduate cert. Landscape design. Graduate of Landmark Education International

Mousse (2009)

Mousse (2009)