Sally Bassett


My mission in painting is to try to simplify and get rid of unnecessary detail and find the essence of what I see.
Making a body of work

A number of paintings come from one sketch and some photographs. I view collecting information for paintings as a visual diary. If I can be accurate enough in describing what I see in both 'scribbles' and words, then long after the day I can recall what I saw, how I felt and the impact that what I saw had on me. A photograph can give me the position of a tree and its structure but it is no substitute for on the spot sketches.

When I am painting wild sea paintings I do not want a photographic record but to catch the essence, the movement, the splash, drip and roar of the waves on the shore or over rocks.

TStiff Breeze and the Yacht out in Front

TStiff Breeze and the Yacht out in Front