Terry Sadler


Terry acts as co-ordinator for the ArtWorks group, planning and working with the members on group exhibitions, workshops and networking events in and around London. She has also managed a number of Hertfordshire visual arts projects and sculpture commissions since she graduated in 1988, drawing upon her earlier experience working in advertising. 

Terry has always been drawn to sculpture and the power of materials, mixing traditional and man made materials. Wood, stone; glass, hessian, steel, lead, or found objects – this stuff matters to her. 
Photography and printmaking have been increasingly important in her work. Images are used in different formats and in both 2 & 3 dimensions to represent the texture, temperature, light, and sounds of everyday experiences.

Over the last few years she has explored a number of themes based on a move from country to town and an awareness of significant changes in the stuff & textures of her new environment

Traces Series - Windows

Traces Series - Windows